2017— now Research Associate. Department of Philosophy, University of Hamburg.

2015—2017 Post-doctoral Research Fellow. LOGOS Research Group in Analytic PhilosophyDepartment of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science University of Barcelona.

2013—2015 Post-doctoral Research Fellow. Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Universidad Autonoma y Nacional de México (UNAM), Mexico City.


2012 PhD in Philosophy. University of Nottingham. Thesis: The True Future of the Open Future Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Predelli. Examiners: Prof. Stephen Barker (internal), Dr Patrick Greenough (external).

2008 Visiting student. Department of Philosophy, New York University (Fall term)

2006—2007 Visiting student. Arché Research Centre, University of St Andrews. Supervisor: Prof. Crispin Wright.

2005 Graduation from University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari) with thesis L’ingiustizia del tempo. Analisi e critica del concetto di differenza ontologica nel pensiero di Emanuele Severino [The Injustice of Time: A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Ontological Difference in the Thought of Emanuele Severino] under the supervision of Prof. L. V. Tarca. Mark: 110/110 cum laude

2000—2001 Erasmus student. Technische Universtaet Berlin.


AOS: Metaphysics

AOC: Philosophy of Language


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1.  Tempo, totalitá e contraddizione: ció che il principio non dice
[Time, totality and contradiction: what the principle does not say] In: Francesco Altea, Francesco Berto (eds), Scenari dell’impossibile. La contraddizione nel pensiero contemporaneo [Scenarios of the impossible. Contradiction in contemporary thought], 2007, Il Poligrafo, Padova.


Spring 17/18: The Moving Spotlight, University of Hamburg, undergraduate (Hauptseminar).

Spring 17/18: Introduction to Meta-Metaphysics, University of Hamburg, undergraduate (Proseminar).]

Spring 17/18: Topics in Metaphysics, University of Hamburg, undergraduate (Proseminar).

Fall 17/18: Mereology, University of Hamburg, undergraduate (Hauptseminar).

Fall 17/18: Introduction to Philosophy of Time, University of Hamburg, undergraduate (Proseminar).

Fall 16/17: Topics in Ontology, University of Barcelona, graduate.

Spring 13/14: Ontology, UNAM, undergraduate (co-taught with José Edgar González Varela, in Spanish).

Fall 13/14: Presentism and the grounding objection, UNAM, graduate.

Talks & Conferences

02/18 University of Glasgow. How the block grows, Workshop: Glasgow meets Hamburg. [invited]

01/18 University of Hamburg. How the block grows, Forschungskolloquim.

07/17 University of HamburgCross-temporal grounding is not the end of the world, Forschungskolloquim.

10/16 University of Sassari. Grounding, portions of reality and ontological free lunches, Conference: Grounding grounding, Alghero. [refereed]

09/16  University of Milan. Presentism is not the end of the world, Workshop: Presentism, Centre for Philosophy of Time. [refereed​]

04/16 University of Dresden. Grounding, grounding and partial grounding, Workshop: The Metaphysics of Grounding. [invited]

03/16 University of Barcelona. Reality and Time, Seminar in Metaphysics (SM), LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy​.

02/16 University of Barcelona. Grounding, fundamentality and the reality of temporal passage, LOGOS seminar, LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy​.

11/15 University of Barcelona. Grounding and necessary connections, PERSP Metaphysics Seminar, LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy​.

09/14 UNAM. Reply to: Aliosha Barranco López ‘Esencialismo y anti-esencialismo’, Segundo taller de estudiantes asociados, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Mexico City

09/14 UNAM. Reply to: Kris McDaniel ‘Being and Essence’. Intensional/Hyperintensional, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, UNAM, Mexico City

03/14 UNAM. Metaphysical Dependence and Partial Grounding, Seminario de Investigadores, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, UNAM, Mexico City

02/14 UNAM. A Plea for Partial Fundamentality, Seminario de Filosofia de Lenguaje, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, UNAM, Mexico City

10/13 UNAM. The Grounding Problem and the Reality of Temporal Passage, Seminario de Investigadores, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, UNAM, Mexico City

11/10 University of Barcelona. Actuality, Relativism and the Open Future, II Semantic Content Workshop, LOGOS—Logic, Language and Cognition Research Group. [invited]

11/09 University of Oxford. The True Future of Branching Time, The 13th Annual Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference,  [refereed​]

09/09 University of Leeds. The True Future of Branching Time, The 4th Annual CMM Graduate Conference. [refereed]

05/09 University of Stockholm. Actuality in the Open Future, The 1st Stockholm Philosophy Graduate Conference. [refereed​]

04/09 CUNY Graduate Center. Actuality, Relativism and the Open Future, 12th CUNY Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, New York. [refereed]

09/07 University of Padova. Actuality in the Garden of Forking Paths, 1st SIFA Graduate Conference, University of Padova

07/07 University of St Andrews. Actuality in the Garden of Forking Paths, Arché Relativism Seminar, University of St Andrews

11/05 University of Venice. Tempo, totalitá e simultaneitá [Time, Totality and Simultaneity], Conference:  A partire da Severino [Themes From Severino], University of Venice.

Professional duties

Referee for the journals Mind, The Philosophical Quarterly, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, Analysis, Synthese, Erkenntnis, PhilosophiaDialecticaCrítica, Teorema, Dianoia, Argumenta.

Grants and awards

2015—2017 Beatriu de Pinós/Marie Curie Post-doctoral Research Fellowship.

2015—2017 FAPESP Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, State of São Paulo, Brazil [declined].

2013—2015 Post-doctoral Research Fellowship. UNAM. Mexico City.

2010—2011 Royal Institute of Philosophy Bursary

2007—2010 Full Funding PhD Studentship. University of Nottingham.

2006—2007 Study Abroad Funding. University of Venice.